‘Pledging National Allegiance’

The ‘khadi spirit’ means fellow feeling with every human being on earth. It means a complete renunciation of everything that is likely to harm our fellow creatures, and if we but cultivate that spirit amongst the millions of our countrymen, what a land this India of ours would be! And the more I move about the country and the more I see the things for myself, the richer, the stronger is my faith growing in the capacity of the spinning wheel. (Young India, 22- 9-1927)

I am exploring the idea if by re-orienting consumer choices which directly affects the conditions of production, Gandhi’s twentieth century social reform strategies may provide a way forward in our era of unequal development and globalization. A focus on swadharma possesses the potential not only to reclothe urban India, but also to build new bonds between urban and rural populations, investing communities across the nation with common cause and purpose.


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